Casinos licensed by Australia

Learn more about the legislative framework for casino licensing in Australia.

The Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) was adopted in 2001 to legalize online gambling and set new rules of the game. The online gambling law was adopted by the Commonwealth Parliament and was approved by the Governor-General of Australia. This was an important milestone for the Australian online gambling market. While the former policy was focused on preventing gambling addiction, the new law required the Australian gambling community to quickly apply a wide range of new standards and rules.

The adoption of the law on interactive gambling has attributed to detecting illegal gambling operators, without affecting current or potential customers. Since law adoption online casinos may offer legal interactive gambling services to residents of Australia. According to a survey about $ 790 million of Australian dollars were spent on offshore gambling sites in 2009.

Along with the cancellation of the ban on online gambling, the law also created favorable conditions for all types of gambling in Australia. Australian customers may bet online and engage in any other type of online gambling. The Interactive Gambling Act allows online lotteries as well. The only exception here are online scratch lotteries and other instant lotteries - both of which are not allowed, as they are basically no different from other games initiated by a player himself.